"...suckers and losers."

The album “Halfway From Nashville” is the next stop on songwriter Sean Harrison’s long, twisty, up-and-down road back to music from a long time gone.


In his early twenties, Sean played full-time in Texas and shared the stage with some legendary songwriters and players. There was a promising path for a music career ahead of him. “But I got lost and stayed lost for a while,” he says, without remorse. “Booze. Drugs. I wasted a lot of time.” Years later, clean and sober, Sean played time-to-time in a variety of minor acts but made a living doing other things. It was only recently, with a new view on life and a long pent-up creative impulse, that he recommitted to his songwriting. “I don’t play the guitar with the confidence of youth I once had. My voice has some miles on it. But I realized there are songs that need to be written and I don’t have any more time to waste.”

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